Patient Fees

Informed Financial Consent

Prior to admission, you will be provided with an informed financial consent.

You are required to sign the form either prior to or on the day of your admission. This form will outline the estimate of fees for your hospital stay. Whilst every effort will be made to provide an accurate estimate, additional costs are sometimes incurred. This may be due to decisions made by the doctor about variations in proposed treatment, procedures, supplies, or length of surgical time. Any balance outstanding is payable prior to, or on discharge from the hospital (for some procedures, a pre-authorisation of your credit card may be requested).

Payment Information

All fees for your surgery are to be paid on or prior to your admission. Payment of all fees and charges can be made by cash, credit card, EFTPOS or bank cheque. Please be aware of any daily limits that you have with your EFTPOS.

We do not accept American Express, Diners Club cards or personal cheques.  We apologise for any inconvenience that this may cause.

Please note:

Your hospital fees are separate to the charges from your doctor or your anaesthetist.  Please contact your Doctor or Anaesthetist for any information regarding their fees.

If Pathology and/or Pharmacy medications are provided, these may attract additional charges which will be billed separately by these organisations.

Payment Procedures

Privately Insured Patients

You will be provided with an informed financial consent. The portion of your estimated hospital account that is not covered by your health fund, (e.g. co-payment or an excess) must be paid upon admission. Any additional costs incurred during your hospital stay are payable prior to discharge.

 Uninsured Patients

Self-Funded Patients will receive a detailed informed financial consent outlining the costs associated with their admission. Total payment must be made upon admission. Your admission may be refused if payment is not complete. Other costs which may be incurred during your stay are payable on discharge. Please bring provision for payment of these fees on admission to hospital.

Prosthesis Costs

Prostheses (an implanted medical device, e.g. lenses) are devices that are implanted during surgery. The Commonwealth Government provides a schedule of how prostheses are reimbursed. This means you may have an out-of-pocket fee if your doctor chooses a prosthesis that attracts a gap payment or if you are uninsured. It is important that you discuss this with your doctor before admission; your Doctor will provide you with informed financial consent regarding your prostheses if required.