Patient Care & Satisfaction

Australian Charter of Health Care Rights

The Australian Charter of Health Care Rights describes the rights of patients and other people using the Australian Health Care system. These rights are essential to ensure that whatever and whenever care is provided it is of high quality and is safe.

What can you expect of the Australian health system?

Patient rights

Access – I have a right to health care (this means you can access services to address your healthcare needs).

Safety – I have a right to receive safe and high quality care (this means you should receive safe and high quality services, provided with professional care, skill and competence).

Respect – I have the right to be shown respect, dignity and consideration, (this means the care provided shows respect to you and your culture, beliefs, values and personal characteristics).

Communication – I have a right to be informed about services, treatment, options and cost in a clear and open way (this means you receive open, timely and appropriate communication about your health care in a way you can understand).

Participation – I have a right to be included in decisions and choices about my care (this means you may join in making decisions and choices about your care and about health service planning).

Privacy – I have a right to privacy and confidentiality regarding my personal information (this means your personal privacy is maintained and proper handling of your personal health and other information is assured).

Comment – I have a right to comment on my care and to have my concerns considered and addressed (this means you can comment on, or complain about your care and have your concerns dealt with).

Providing Feedback: Compliments and Complaints

We value your feedback so that we can improve our service to our patients. We encourage  you to provide as much feedback as possible with the following:

Making a compliment

If you are happy with the treatment you received or something, or someone has impressed you, we invite you to share this with us. We have mechanisms for you to document this – just ask one of our team.

Making a complaint

If at any time during your visit, you feel your needs are not being met, please don’t hesitate to speak to our staff. If this happens, you have the right to complain and have your complaint heard and acted on.

A complaint can be made over the phone, in person, or in writing. If you have exhausted your  options for lodging a complaint with the hospital and your complaint has not been resolved  to your satisfaction, you may wish to contact the Health Ombudsman on free call 133 646.

The Health Ombudsman/Health Quality and Complaints Commission is an independent organisation that reviews and investigates health complaints.


Complications in Day Hospital environments are extremely rare, however your Doctor will inform you of possible complications when you review the consent for surgery. Should there be a complication; the Miami Private Hospital has a vigorous quality management system in place for reporting and management of such events. It is mandatory that all staff comply with the quality management systems.

Open Disclosure

The Miami Private Hospital has a mechanism to ensure that communication is open and honest, and that there are immediate processes in place should there be an unplanned event whilst you are in our care (an adverse event). We will ensure that you or your relative or carer is informed with feedback to you from the Manager of the Miami Private Hospital.